Employment History

Creative Project Management
sep 2023 - I currently work here

Studniówka Maturalna
Co-founder and Chief Branding Officer
may 2020 -sep 2023
Studniówka Maturalna is a brand that delivers group tutoring
online. We prepare students for secondary school-leaving exams.

Key responsibilities:
Managing a team of teachers and a creative team.
Project menagement (ClickUp, Slack, Airtable, Notion).
Creating and maintaining a strong and consistent
brand identity and brand image.
Coordinating activities on social media
channels such as Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.
Creative co-creation of content on social media.
Planning marketing strategy.
Development of branding and creation
of brand visuals (Figma, Adobe Creative Suite).
Website design (Figma).
Creation of graphics and editing of advertising videos
(Adobe Creative Suite, Figma).

Fashion Tech Creator and Communication Strategist - self employed
january 2018 - I currently work here
Managing projects related to fashion tech and art. 

My projects:
- 7000 kcal project - creating a spatial installation consisting 
of clothing that was important to people and was a part of their identity. The garments were collected through social media activity, followed by scanning the space and creating a virtual space.

- POLIN Fashion Archives - digitalisation of two fashion items: wedding gloves and a wedding headpiece, which are archival objects from the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. The process begins with the creation of accurate documentation and then the creation of identical garments in digital form with the help of 3D artists. The garments will be displayed on the website as identity-carrying objects.

- Project involving the implementation of an augmented reality
filter for organisations and brands (for example Wosh Wosh
and FashionRevolution). I use Spark AR, Unity, Vuforia and Blender.

- Developing social media communication strategies for people
who work in the creative industries.

- Creating fashion video essays on social media, participating in art exhibitions, fashion conferences and running my website on Cargo.

Social Media and E-commerce Editor

February 2022 - March 2022
ELLE.pl is a fashion website that is the digital daughter
of the paper version of magazine.

Key responsibilities:
Creation of concepts for communication for social media.
Creation of articles for the ELLE.pl website.
Research and trend-forecasting.
Management of communication in social media.
Recording podcasts on fashiontech topics.
Graphic design.

Creative at Your KAYA
September 2020 - April 2021
Your KAYA is a startup that creates organic intimate hygiene products for people with uterine.

Key responsibilities:
Project management.
Creating concepts for social media projects related to feminist, period themes, breaking taboos. Creating visual concepts for advertising campaigns and website (Figma, Pinterest).
Contacting agencies and creating creative briefs for photo shoots, photo sets. Creative support to all departments.

Teaching assistant at Perspective 
September 2019 - December 2019
Perspective is a Warsaw Drawing Studio that prepares students for the entrance exams of the Academy of Fine Arts and Architectural Studies. I was responsible for contanting with students and parents, pre-presenting the educational offer, and co-teaching.

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts
5+ and the Rector's Award

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
2022 - present
Master’s Degree in Media Arts

Airtable basics
Adobe Creative Suite

Team management
Project management
Ability to work under pressure
Knowledge of the world of fashion and fashion tech
Interested in blockchain, decentralization 
and technology
Social media native
Digital native
Knowledge of VR, AR, MR
Basic knowledge of Blockchain and Web3

Unity + Vuforia basics
Unreal basics
Blender basics