7000 kcal

7000 kcal is a spatial installation consisting of 1,000 kg of clothing carrying the individual stories of the bodies who wore them. The garments were collected by spreading the word about the project on social media. The final form is a 3D scan of the installation, which takes us away from thinking of clothing in material terms. Each piece of clothing have been given to the organization called Ubrania do Oddania, which gave it a second life.

Skills, tools, technology:

3D scan
project management 
video making 

People and brands who were involved:

︎︎︎ Allegro - assistance in setting up the installation 
︎︎︎ Ubrania do oddania help with storing clothes + promotion
︎︎︎ Karolina Sulej - author of the book “Personal things” which was the first inspiration + promotion
︎︎︎ Łukasz Kosela - PhD at the Academy of Fine Arts, thesis supervisor
︎︎︎ Rafał Reif - Head of Fashion and Retail at Accenture Poland, supervisor
︎︎︎Aleksandra Murawska - camera operator

Two of the approximately fifty letters sent
by project participants: